About Clinical Research Studies

Clinical Research

Clinical research studies evaluate the safety and effectiveness of investigational medications. Researchers design clinical studies to test how well the medication works in a particular group of people in order to find new or better treatment options.1

Right now, there are over 300,000 clinical studies in progress all over the world.2

For each clinical research study, researchers develop factors that allow someone to participate in the study called eligibility criteria. These include age, gender, previous treatment history, and other medical information. It is important to test medications and medical products in the people they are meant to help, and to conduct research in diverse populations because different people may respond differently to treatments.

Janssen is committed to improving diversity and inclusion while valuing each participant’s contribution to clinical research studies. By including all diverse populations in clinical studies, Janssen can help determine if investigational medications will be safe and effective for as many people as possible, helping to create a better future for patients. Learn more at ResearchIncludesMe.com.

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Why Participate?
Taking part in a clinical research study may offer several benefits including:3
  • Getting actively involved in your own healthcare
  • Having access to investigational medications
  • Helping others by progressing medical research
Taking part in a clinical research study may also have risks including:3
  • Having side effects caused by the investigational medication or study-specific procedures
  • Having no effect from the investigational medication
  • Being part of the clinical research study group that doesn’t get the investigational medication
Always make sure to discuss potential risks with your study doctor.
Watch this video for helpful information about participation in Janssen clinical research studies.
Consider participating in a Janssen research study.
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Are there safety measures for clinical research study participants?

Participant safety and welfare is always the most important aspect of any study. As a result, studies are highly regulated with safeguards in place by both the study sponsor, Janssen Research & Development, and by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The study sponsor is involved in the development of research protocols, participant informed consent forms, and the review of related study materials. The sponsor follows a thorough process to ensure all study related materials are compliant with local laws of the country in which they are used in. IRBs involvement is to assure that appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of participants in the research. To accomplish this purpose, IRBs use a group process to review research protocols and related materials to ensure protection of the rights and welfare of study participants.4

Study clinics will follow recommended local and federal clinical COVID-19 guidelines.

Does participating in a study cost me anything?

All study-required visits, tests, and medications will be provided at no cost to participants, and reimbursement may be available for expenses directly related to the study visits such as local travel, meals and parking. However, participants will not be paid for taking part in this study and will not be reimbursed for other medical care or current medication(s) needed to support daily healthcare routines.

What happens once the study is finished?

When the study is over, the sponsor may seek to publish the results (in a scientific journal, for example). Study results will also be posted on ClinicalTrials.gov after all study participants have completed the study and study data has been analyzed. Your identity will remain confidential. Only overall summary data results from participants will be publicly shared. Research results will never contain your name and will never publicly report your individual data.

If at the end of the study, the data shows positive results, the results may be submitted for approval to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If the FDA approves the application, the medication will become available for doctors in the US to prescribe to their appropriate patients.

Why did I not qualify for a study?

Research studies are designed in specific ways to test the investigational medication for safety and effectiveness. One or more of the answers that you provided were outside of the guidelines for one of the studies. This does not mean you will not qualify for different research studies.

Consider participating in a Janssen research study.
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